The Season is Upon Us (Opening Day 2024)

The summer weather is on its way, and with it, the camping season at Maple Grove Campground! Summer in Vermont strikes a delightful balance, offering warmth without overwhelming heat, ensuring comfortable days and cool nights for a camping experience like no other. I can see it now, lying under a shady tree in the late afternoon, plucking my guitar, thinking about what is for dinner or nothing at all. The air is crisp. The friendly Green Mountains are standing tall in the distance keeping the calm in the air that one can only seem to find in northern Vermont. I can hear the sound of children playing in the distance. Dandelion seeds float by, catching the late-day sun. The smell of grass, tree bark, and fresh-cut firewood fills the air. Time to get up and make a fire and catch fireflies with the kids. Maybe we will have a picnic tomorrow. Life is good.

Mike McGuiness and his family invite you to join them for the 2024 camping season, starting on May 1st 2024. See you there!

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