Michael and Debbie-1Michael McGuiness, born in Newburgh, NY in 1966, has spent most of his life enjoying good, old-fashioned camping trips and recreational with family and friends. Since before he can remember, Michael has been exploring the rich landscapes and historical sites of the regions along the East coast, a pastime he enjoyed first with his parents and later with his own wife and now adult children. Michael’s passion for camping and family has brought him to give back to the community in the same way that the community supported him, by giving generations to come a peaceful place to enjoy recreation and nature at his site, the Maple Grove Campground.

Logan, Zachary, ElizabethIn the mid nineties Michael and his wife Annemarie moved to the quiet, cozy hills of Vermont to raise their three children, Logan, Zachary and Elizabeth. The McGuiness’ fell in love with the full quality of life that Vermont has to offer, built around small, sustainable communities with a history rich in family and culture. Michael’s fondest memories with his family are from camping trips – spending time fishing, swimming, hiking and building campfires – all in the beautiful open air of New England’s scenic hills, valleys, forests, lakes, rivers and fields. The McGuiness’ couldn’t be happier with their peaceful life in New England, and that they have passed on the same quality life values to their children as their parents once passed to them. true steward to New England living, Michael does his best to support the healthy, active, community-oriented lifestyle in Vermont and across the region by sharing the magic of camping, exploring, and community recreation with everyone that he meets.