Maple Grove Campground allows you to get out and enjoy the beautiful Vermont outdoors along with the comfort of camping amenities. We offer a variety of amenities to ensure your stay is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing.

Onsite amenities:

summer camping

Campground Map

Campground Map displays where each site is located. It is an aerial view, so we will be using language to describe it as a flat, 2D image. The main entrance leads you to the camping site. To the left of the main entrance, you will find a Badminton Net, Horseshoe Pit, and Recycling Center. To the right of the main entrance, you will find a parking area and the store/office. You will then reach a fork in the road. Turn right to find a playground to one side and the first campsites. Continuing on this path, you will make one loop to return to the original fork in the road.