Is the campground open?

  1. Yes! We are now taking reservations. Please call us at 802-849-6439 for more information.

What if I have to cancel due to the pandemic?

a. In the event you need to cancel for a COVID-19 related event, we will gladly reschedule your visit to a more appropriate time. Call 802-849-6439 to reschedule.

What if someone in my party is not feeling well?

a. We ask you to be respectful to our staff and fellow campers and do not travel if you are unwell. Call 802-849-6439 to reschedule.

b. If you begin feeling unwell while away from your home, please notify Maple Grove Campground staff and return home as soon as possible.

What campgrounds facilities will be open?

a. The restrooms are now open! They are being cleaned and sanitized several times a day to ensure your health and safety.

b. The playground and club house will remain temporarily closed to promote social distancing.

c. Our laundry room will be open upon request, with no more than one party at a time and cleaned after every use. Please call 802-849-6439 to make an appointment.

Do you provide essential items?

a. We provide propane pickup and delivery, toilet paper, ice, and many more essentials for sale at the camp store. We will gladly deliver items to your site to promote social distancing. Just call 802-849-6439.

What is the campground doing to prevent the spread and protect your guest?

a. All staff members have completed the State mandated VOSHA training course.

b. Guests are encouraged to enjoy time while practicing appropriate social distancing with other parties.

c. Annual events and picnics will be held in creative ways to allow the personality of the campground to continue while still promoting social distancing.

Are mask required for guests?

a. The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings, where social distancing may be difficult to maintain. A mask will be given to you upon request.

b. Masks are used to prevent the spread of illness and protect those around you. Wearing a mask is a recommended step to protect your fellow campers and staff members.

What additional items do you recommend I bring to the campground?

a. We recommend you bring an ample supply of food and essential items to sustain your length of stay. Additionally, local grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and other businesses are open in accordance with State guidelines.

b. Please plan accordingly to limit your need to journey into the community while staying on our property.