Late Season Camping: Fall in Vermont
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Late Season Camping Let’s set the scene, shall we? The September chill is beginning to creep into the air. You pull a sweatshirt over your head and your favorite flannel PJ bottoms on and zip your tent shut. The fire … Read More

Pancake Breakfast at Maple Grove Campground
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When you’re in Vermont, you’ve got maple in your name, and you love pancakes there’s just one way to bring it all together! We’ll be having a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, August 4th at 11am. Pancakes have a way of … Read More

The Perfect S’mores: With a Twist
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Let’s talk about s’mores. S’mores go hand-in-hand with camping and we know a thing or two about making them great. We know some people like to toast their marshmallows just a bit, some like to turn them charcoal black. Some … Read More

Stay Dry While You Camp | Rain Proofing Your Tent
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I for one, adore the sound of rain pattering against a roof while I sleep. It’s the perfect white noise in a house, camper, car, or cabin. Now, if I’m to be bold, I’d also add tent to the list, … Read More

Do People Still Go Camping? – Why Camping in Vermont is a Top Vacation
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We get it, people love modernization. But let me tell you, there’s something about camping out under the Vermont sky that you just can’t get from a hotel down the street. Campgrounds offer a slice of life that people are … Read More

Vermont Maple Festival – The Full Experience
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The Festival It’s all about Vermont and Vermont is all about Maple Syrup. The 53rd Annual Vermont Maple Festival is scheduled for April 26, 27 & 28 and with it comes a parade, tons of maple treats, entertainment, crafts, antiques, … Read More

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